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Fulfilling a Community Need

leaf-stethescopeAlthough the incidence of chronic disease among older adults is rising and impacting individuals’ quality of life, living with a chronic health condition does not have to be limiting. As a Center for Health & Wellbeing client, you can learn new strategies to manage and improve your health with guidance from health professionals, while continuing to enjoy a rich quality of life. The Center also can help you with lifestyle modifications such as stress reduction, smoking cessation, nutrition changes and appropriate physical activity.

Research shows that patients spend an average of eight minutes with their primary care physician during a routine office visit. It is hard to get anything done in eight minutes, let alone ask questions and seek counsel about improving your health. The Center staff bridges the gap by providing time and resources to help you plan your health and wellbeing goals and achieve success.

Community Wellness Programs are Made Possible Through the Support of Sun Health Foundation

Sun Health Foundation funds life-enriching community wellness programs, which have served thousands of West Valley residents, some of which are offered at little or no cost.